2nd Call to Action – HF 2182 – URGENT!

SF 2025 has been pulled by its author following our strong opposition to the bill. Unfortunately, the House has not yet followed suit.

Please note: Commenting on this post WILL NOT result in your message being sent to legislators! Use the link to CASAA’s web form below, copy and paste the list of House committee members from the bottom of this post into a new e-mail and/or make a phone call to your representative! 

Minnesota Vapers Advocacy is issuing a second call to action related to HF 2182 – there are three parts to this:

  1. Please follow CASAA’s CTA for HF 2182 at this link.
  2. Please send an e-mail to the House Tax Committee (contact info below), which will hear the bill on Thursday, April 16th at 10:15AM.
  3. If you are able, please join us for a rally at the Capitol (State Office Building, west of the main Capitol building) to oppose HF 2182 at 9:45AM on Thursday, April 16th, where we will move to the hearing at approximately 10:15AM.

If you have any questions regarding these proposals or need some assistance crafting an e-mail, please comment in the MNVA Facebook group or feel free to contact me directly via Jason@mnvapers.com.

To recap, HF2182 would change the definition of vapor products and impose a $0.30/mL tax on e-liquid, increasing the retail cost of a 30mL bottle by $9.00 per bottle. The existing language would also set the stage for heavy taxation of all devices other than cigarette-shaped products.

Call and e-mail members of the House Tax Committee as soon as possible to encourage them to strongly oppose this bill. HF2182 is terrible for Minnesota vapers, terrible for Minnesota small businesses and would provide a major advantage to products offered by companies like R.J. Reynolds, Altria and Lorillard (aka Big Tobacco).

Tell the committee as well as your own representatives to oppose HF 2182 because:

  • Minnesota is currently projected at a nearly $2 billion budget surplus over the next two years, making new taxes unwarranted.
    • Rep. Davids, the author of this bill, stated recently that “when you have a surplus of this magnitude you are basically proving to taxpayers that they paid more than they should have to state government.”
  • It will increase the cost of the e-liquid you enjoy by $9.00 per bottle, or a nearly 50% increase from current retail pricing.
  • The dramatic increase in taxation will force small businesses that you frequent to close their doors.
  • These bills set the stage for further tax increases on products that have helped you quit smoking.
  • Imposing unwarranted taxes on vapor products will discourage current smokers from moving to a far less harmful alternative to combustible tobacco.

The time is now – we must oppose this bill in the strongest terms – if this bill moves beyond committee, it could pass into law, which will irreparably damage vaping in the state of Minnesota. Many of your favorite businesses will be forced to close and you will pay over $300 per year in additional taxes for choosing to quit smoking.

House Tax Committee:

Copy/paste e-mail list:

rep.tom.hackbarth@house.mn, rep.tom.anzelc@house.mn, rep.steve.drazkowski@house.mn, rep.sondra.erickson@house.mn, rep.sarah.anderson@house.mn, rep.ron.erhardt@house.mn, rep.paul.torkelson@house.mn, rep.pat.garofalo@house.mn, rep.lyndon.carlson@house.mn, rep.linda.slocum@house.mn, rep.jon.koznick@house.mn, info@mnvapers.com, rep.john.petersburg@house.mn, rep.john.lesch@house.mn, rep.joe.mcdonald@house.mn, rep.jim.knoblach@house.mn, rep.jim.davnie@house.mn, rep.jenifer.loon@house.mn, rep.greg.davids@house.mn, rep.erik.simonson@house.mn, rep.diane.loeffler@house.mn, rep.chris.swedzinski@house.mn, rep.carly.melin@house.mn, rep.bob.barrett@house.mn, rep.anna.wills@house.mn, rep.ann.lenczewski@house.mn

Greg Davids (R – Chair, Author)
E-mail: rep.greg.davids@house.mn

Bob Barrett (R – Vice Chair)
E-mail: rep.bob.barrett@house.mn

Ann Lenczewski (DFL Lead)
E-mail: rep.ann.lenczewski@house.mn

Sarah Anderson (R)
E-mail: rep.sarah.anderson@house.mn

Tom Anzelc (DFL)
E-mail: rep.tom.anzelc@house.mn

Lyndon Carlson Sr. (DFL)
E-mail: rep.lyndon.carlson@house.mn

Jim Davnie (DFL)
E-mail: rep.jim.davnie@house.mn

Steve Drazkowski (R)
E-mail: rep.steve.drazkowski@house.mn

Ron Erhardt (DFL)
E-mail: rep.ron.erhardt@house.mn

Sondra Erickson (R)
E-mail: rep.sondra.erickson@house.mn

Pat Garofalo (R)
E-mail: rep.pat.garofalo@house.mn

Tom Hackbarth (R)
E-mail: rep.tom.hackbarth@house.mn

Jim Knoblach (R)
E-mail: rep.jim.knoblach@house.mn

Jon Koznick (R)
E-mail: rep.jon.koznick@house.mn

John Lesch (DFL)
E-mail: rep.john.lesch@house.mn

Diane Loeffler (DFL)
E-mail: rep.diane.loeffler@house.mn

Jenifer Loon (R)
E-mail: rep.jenifer.loon@house.mn

Joe McDonald (R)
E-mail: rep.joe.mcdonald@house.mn

Carly Melin (DFL)
E-mail: rep.carly.melin@house.mn

John Petersburg (R)
E-mail: rep.john.petersburg@house.mn

Erik Simonson (DFL)
E-mail: rep.erik.simonson@house.mn

Linda Slocum (DFL)
E-mail: rep.linda.slocum@house.mn

Chris Swedzinski (R)
E-mail: rep.chris.swedzinski@house.mn

Paul Torkelson (R)
E-mail: rep.paul.torkelson@house.mn

Anna Wills (R)
E-mail: rep.anna.wills@house.mn