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American Lung Association EXPOSED

It’s no secret that Pfizer is losing money on it’s failed cessation products; such as Chantix & Nicotrol.  As it turns out, when your product kills your customers (500 suicides and counting), you lose customers.  Q3-2013 earnings were down 15%, “amid continuing safety concerns…”

Also, the Nicotrol Inhaler is losing market share to new generation electronic cigarettes and Pfizer is scrambling to reclaim that lost market.  One method has been to publicly scrutinize electronic cigarettes due to “safety concerns”, which is ironic, considering that their Nicotrol Inhaler is nearly identical in form and function:


Additionally, one well known group, the American Lung Association, has been especially active in this continued debate over electronic cigarettes and has taken a hardline stance against these harm reduction products for all sorts of different reasons – regardless of relevance or scientific evidence.

We wanted to find out why, exactly, the American Lung Association was so active in this fight, considering that e-cigarettes are accomplishing what the ALA has been attempting to accomplish for decades – getting people to quit smoking.

We didn’t have to look too hard to find the motivation:


(Those are snippets from Pfizer’s annual reports from 2011-2013.  You can find the full reports here.)

So, as I see it, the American Lung Association is lobbying on behalf of Pfizer (aka, “Big Pharma”), which is one of the ALA’s biggest grantors.

I truly believe that this brings into question the American Lung Association’s morals and ethics.  For them to turn their backs on a product that is saving peoples lives, simply because they’re receiving checks for $900,000 from a huge drug company, is disgusting.

Additionally, the fact that the American Lung Association is also urging people to consume Chantix, instead of using e-cigarettes, when Chantix has been SHOWN to cause people to commit suicide, has me baffled.  They question the safety of electronic cigarettes, yet urge people to take a cessation drug that has a side effect of, well, death.  Really?

I mean, I suppose if you’re dead, you’re not smoking.

But, seriously.  Can we honestly trust the opinion and input from an organization that cares about the checks that they’re receiving more than people’s lives?

I can’t and I would urge lawmakers to question it as well.

21 thoughts on “American Lung Association EXPOSED
  • Phoenix Ignition says:

    Another reason is because they are receiving an annual government check. They don’t really want people to quit smoking cigarettes. How would they make money otherwise? They thrive on the misfortune of others’ smoking habits.

  • Junk Mountain says:

    Not to mention what that inhaler contains. You want throat’s hydrochloric acid sound? An e-cig only contains a tiny bit of nicotine if desired added to FDA approved food ingredients. I’ll stick with my healthier alternative thank you.

  • Mike says:

    Remember, folks; an apple a day keeps medical workers and equipment manufacturers out of a job. Try a burger instead!

    It’s called INDUSTRY for a reason. They do not care about anything but $$$. If big pharma had hit the e-cig market hard, fast, and first, they would be running 3,000,000 commercials a day in support of them…

  • StormFinch says:

    To further expound on this, what happens to the ALA as a whole if every person in the country was able to quit smoking with an e-cigarette? God forbid they have to scramble for another cause like the March of Dimes did after Salk created the vaccine for Polio!

  • Leah D. says:

    When money takes presidence over the lives of our fellow man, you have lost my confidence in you!!!

  • Dragonmum says:

    Great article – the same situation exists here in UK. Cessation products (so-called)! have taken a hammering from e-cigs and when the EU failed to medicalize them, thanks to the grass-roots campaigners Europe-wide, the Commissioners used their powers to introduce measures and conditions that are tailor made to suit Big Tobacco and Big Pharma, thus threatening the livelihoods of the pioneering firms that developed the product. UK is a huge market for Pfizer et al because drugs are handed out like candy, free of charge for the vast majority. Cancer charities here have withheld any support for e-cigs for the very same reason you have cited. Sad to think that Chantix (Champex here) is still freely available on prescription or via Lung clinics when it has caused so many tragedies, yet the e-cig with no reported fatalities in the 4 years I’ve been vaping is demonized.

  • JD says:

    It also looks like GlaxoSmithKline (Nicorette, Commit Lozenges, NicoDerm) increased its grants to the ALA and ACS exponentially from 2012 to 2013…

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  • kman67 says:

    Wow! How out of touch with reality and one sided is this article?

    Of course the ALA recommends Chantix because e-cigs are not a cessation tool. This is pure conspiracy theory BS. You are still “smoking” if you inhale an e-cig. The problem is the nicotine.

    I smoked for 26 years. In June, I will be off cigarettes for 2 years and the way I quit was through Chantix. Truth be told, it took me two tries with Chantix to do it. The only bad side effects I had were headaches. On the plus side, I had the vivid dreams and they were totally awesome.

    An e-cigarette just changes the delivery mechanism for the nicotine from cigarette smoke to vapor. Yes, I totally believe that if you are going to continue delivering nicotine into yru system, this is probably a safer alternative. But PLEASE do not even try to correlate an e-cig with a smoking cessation device. Everyone I have spoken with who vapes has absolutely zero intention of actually quitting.

    If you want to stop delivering nicotine into your system, I agree with the ALA and recommend Chantix. I am proof that it worke.

    • matt black says:

      I am very glad to hear that you didn’t commit suicide while on Chantix and that it worked for you. Unfortunately, many have.

      Regarding cessation, I would ask you this:

      “Smoking” is the act of inhaling combusted compounds. Tobacco, marijuana, whatever. The primary reason to quit smoking is due to health concerns as a result of the carcinogens found in the smoke created by the combustion process.

      Thus, if someone has quit inhaling combusted compounds (smoke), have they not quit smoking?

      The argument against smoking has never really been the reliance upon nicotine. It’s always been that the only way that we know to deliver nicotine into our bloodstream is through a method that is known to kill us. By eliminating the risk of cancer, heart disease, and the many other TSNA related diseases, the nicotine itself poses no more risk to our bodies than caffeine.

      If you quit drinking, but still drink non-alcoholic beer, are you still a drinker?

      • someone says:

        if you quit drinking alcohol and you still drink non-alcoholic beer you are taking away the substance that you are addicted to.

        You are talking about continuing with the addictive substance

        • matt black says:

          non-alcoholic beer contains alcohol, just in a lower dosage. So, there’s that. –

          Additionally, nicotine is similar to caffeine with regards to its physiological effects. Also, caffeine is incredibly addictive. Should we now look into banning coffee, energy drinks, and anything else containing caffeine?

        • FergusM says:

          “You are talking about continuing with the addictive substance”

          So what? People don’t want to quit smoking because they’re morally opposed to nicotine use; they quit smoking because they don’t want to die of it. Whether or not we continue to use nicotine doesn’t matter.

    • DKS says:

      I took Chantix and flipped a table, shrieked at my wife, dog and kids, had half a dozen panic attacks, chronic Freddy Kruegar level level insomnia and weeks of suicidal thoughts. So, yeah, lucky you I guess. I’ll stick with vaping.

    • Robert Cromwell says:

      I tried Chantix, Patches and gum. Quit 40+ years of smoking with ecigs. No smoking for over a year now and feel MUCH better.
      It is all about harm reduction. Nicotine is not bad in itself unelss it is aggravating another condition. It is very similar to caffeine.
      The many harmfull chemicals in smoke is BAD though.

      It is smoking cessation but not nicotine cessation.

  • Follow the money! The American Lung Association should provide full disclosure of their conflict of interest in this manner.

  • Rob says:

    What’s the answer to 99 out of 100 questions?


    As a general rule, I’ve found that associations are about as credible and non-biased as unions – and equally worthless. This is universal amongst associations related to the medical industry.

    The ALA is as irrelevant now as they ever were.

  • Unbelievable, this coming from responsible organisation like ALA. As Dragonmum said, in UK too the free loaders, feeding on misfortune of others want this choice to be taken away. There is no positive co-relation between vape and any kind of harm, unlike tobacco cigarettes. Yet they are after Vape rather than tobacco cigarettes. Why don’t they show same zeal and ban tobacco cigarettes first?

  • Steve says:

    It is no surprise to find out that the American Association is involved in shenanigans with Pfizer. It seems they have one thing in mind as their bottom line, and unfortunately it is not a compassionate desire to eradicate lung cancer. Instead, it seems more like a fundraising organization that churns money, most likely for the benefit of an elite few at the top of the food chain within the organization. My wife and I used to make donations on a regular basis, but we quit that because of the constant phone calls from “ALA”. This is how it comes up on the caller ID on the phone. But it isn’t really a phone call from the American Lung Association, but rather from a company that claims to be working for the American Lung Association. Sometimes the calls are 2–3 times a day. Telling them to not call is a wasted of effort. My dad died from lung cancer so I would like to help out financially to help battle this disease. It just seems that the American lung Association has a hidden agenda as the comments here reveal. We will no longer be contributors.

  • Wow that money trail is nasty. I remember as a kid my parents trying out Chantix and Nicorette and the results never worked out. One of my uncle’s actually lost some of his teeth because of the nicotine gum. A few of us switched over to e-cigs / vapes and we can actually breath again, and there’s no cough. No wonder ALA is scared because this stuff actually works!

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